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Expand your Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Clinical Trial company business to Brazil through Medical expert English to Portuguese translation services. Thaiane Assumpcao


  • How much do the solutions cost?
    I realize that, for my clients, costs are relevant to decision-making. However, each document is different in terms of complexity and language style. So it is not possible to give a fast and easy answer to this question. The easiest way is to send me the material that requires some solution and I’ll get back to you with the solution and a quote.
  • How long does it take to deliver the solution?
    A deadline is much more than a time at which something is due: it's really a goal that's been set, as well as an expectation that my clients have of me. Nevertheless, professional human translation is not an instant process. Translation is a complex intellectual activity that takes some time. The volume a qualified translator can translate in a day depends on the text complexity and other factors. It also depends on the linguist’s availability schedule. Please contact me to ask about my availability and turnaround time.
  • How do you ensure high quality?
    I understand that, for my clients, it’s difficult to assess the quality of translated material; after all, they are probably bringing in a translator because their knowledge in the language is not enough. My clients’ peace of mind is extremely important to me. That’s why I’m a proud long-time and active member of the selected Certified PRO Network (EN 15038 standard). This means that I possess the competences required of a professional translator, have a proven track record as a reliable business partner, endorse the community's Professional Guidelines, meet the minimum requirements set out for ongoing professional development and maintain a solid track record. I am also a HIPAA and MCIS-trained and tested linguist in English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English language pairs and a Translators Without Borders-verified professional. Moreover, so that I can guarantee the highest quality of my services, all my English into Brazilian Portuguese translation, localization and transcreation services are backed up by Translation Memories and Quality Control technologies: • CAT tools • Quality Control tools • Terminology Management tools
  • I have received a lower bid for the same project. Why should I pay more to use your services?
    I care most about my clients’ needs and aims and the results they can expect and achieve from my work. In addition, I am aware that my clients invest much effort and financial resources into the production of an original document. In contrast, trying to cut costs when a document is translated into another language can be risky or even ruin everything. Translation mistakes can be very costly, both for your image and for your product. A high-quality translation by a specialized native speaker shows that you care about how you are viewed in the target market and can boost your credibility and image. As a reference in the industry, I am a highly specialized language professional and continuously polish my language and writing skills. Moreover, I have in-depth knowledge not only of the Brazilian specialized industries and markets, language and scientific jargon, but also of the English ones. With my experience, expertise and background, my goal is to provide translations that read as though they were originally written in the target language and culture. Furthermore, I feel that high-quality translation is only part of a business relationship. Customer service is also important, and I aim to provide the best one. Many of my clients recognize this and consider my services worth paying for.
  • Why should I use you instead of a translation agency or one of our employees when I need some material translated?
    Getting translation right can produce huge returns on your investment; getting it wrong can be a business disaster. Given this circumstance, it is extremely important to know who is handling your material. I believe the biggest advantage of using my solutions is that you will know exactly only I will be doing the work. I am a trained, tested, competent and verified professional specialized in only one language combination (English into Brazilian Portuguese) and in specific industries, who, as a consequence, carries the advantage of in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise, result of a narrowed-down approach. Moreover, by being myself a biologist translator with Structural and Cell Biology Ph.D. studies who continuously polishes languages skills, I can proudly say that, for over a decade, I have been helping hundreds of companies, CROs, universities, institutes and professional societies to improve and expand their capacities. This all means I am able to focus more on understanding my clients and tailor my solutions to meet their needs for the Brazilian market.
  • Why can’t I use any of the free translation tools online?
    Sometimes, all you need is just to understand the gist of some content. So, using an online translation tool, such as Google Translate, can be fine and enough. However, if you have invested effort and financial resources into the production of an original document and need to be sure the target reader understands the text and that it is publication-ready, then you should definitely not rely on a translation tool or machine translation. It can be risky and very costly, both for your image and for your product. On top of that, the use of translation tools or machine translation may entail various legal implications, especially as far as privacy, security and processing of personal and confidential data are concerned (a typical example is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). A high-quality human translation shows that you care about how you are viewed in the target market and can boost your credibility and image.
  • What payment methods and currencies do you accept?
    Since I care most about my clients’ needs and with the aim to make their life easier, I accept payments in United States Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and British Pound Sterling (GBP) via bank transfer, Wise, Google Pay, Apple Pay, debit cards and credit cards.
  • What are your payment terms?
    For order confirmation, full payment of invoices up to 200.00 (USD, EUR or GBP) is due in advance. For invoices exceeding 200.00 (USD, EUR or GBP), 50% of the total invoice will be billed in advance. Then, 50% at the end of the project upon final delivery. For private individuals, full payment is due in advance.
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