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Expand your Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Clinical Trial company business to Brazil through Medical expert English to Portuguese translation services. Thaiane Assumpcao


Sometimes, simply adapting the tone and style of the content to a new locale is not enough.

Instead, the purpose of a campaign and spirit of a brand have to be creatively transformed so that we have similar emotional connection with an audience who has different culture and perceptions. That’s when transcreation comes into play.

Transcreation is about crafting the new message based on a creative brief, not just adapting tone or style of some content from the source language into another one (which can create confusion or even offense in the new market).

The words, tone and visuals might be very different from the source content depending on the target audience and what message resonates with it.

Good examples are medicines and devices marketing leaflets, brochures, concepts and visuals.

In the end, with me as your expert, you have your content recreated in Brazilian Portuguese for your target market.

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