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Expand your Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Clinical Trial company business to Brazil through Medical expert English to Portuguese translation services. Thaiane Assumpcao


When you localize your product, you are relocating it to a new country or region.


Adapting for the locale includes the translation and the differences in culture, format and usage.

You can think of localization as a deeper translation to address communication factors such as local idioms and cultural references.


So understanding your target audience is crucial.

Then you still have technical communication issues that send the intended messages, like:


• Vocabulary

• Grammar

• Spelling

• Text length

• Appropriate page and images size and layout

• Measurement units

• Date and time formats

• Currency

• Culturally appropriate visuals 


Good examples are clinical trials patient-facing materials, that need to be used with a specific target market.

So, if you want your target audience to feel like your document or product in Brazilian Portuguese is made for them, count on me as your expert.

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